Each year Piotr Malinowski Memorial is gathering passionates of ski mountaineering, Tatra's landscapes and unspoiled nature, the sport competition at its purest and good fun. The first Memorial was organized by Piotr's friends and for Piotr's friends. For many years Piotr Malinowski was the chief of Tatra Mountain Rescue Services (TOPR). Being the pioneer of ski mountaineering in Poland, he also succeeded participating in the most prestigious races all over Europe. He made lots of interesting first descents of the highest difficulty, emong others in Tatras – the one from Mylna Pass through Drewnowski's Chimney to Czarny Staw. Malinowski encouraged lots of young people to enjoy practicing ski mountaineering, discipline in direct touch with what is the most beautiful in the mountains. All those that knew Piotr in person remember him as an outstandingly kind and positive one. The fame of a very special atmosphere during the event is spreading fast. What makes us honored is that every year we see more and more participants – professionals and amateurs. This motivates us to further work towards making each and every Memorial the very exceptional one. Appreciated by the International Ski Mountaineering Federation, the XVth Piotr Malinowski Memorial is going to be hold on the ISMF approved trail. The competition is going to be Polish championships as well as the final stage of the Polish Cup. We want to thank those of you that have been with us since the very beginning and those that are coming back to the Tatras with joy, bringing back their passion. For the ones participating in Piotr Malinowski Memorial for the very first time, we extend a warm welcome and we hope that you will keep coming back to Zakopane in the future! We wish you all a fantastic weekend!


Local Organizing Committee

XV Piotr Malinowski Memorial

TOPR, TKN Tatra Team